Leading a private equity-owned business is an attractive career alternative for top executives around the world. And while there are many management opportunities in private equity, there are many more top executives who have not been able to access the C-level suite of a private equity portfolio company.

Quadrivium partners with senior executives whose primary goal is to pursue a private equity-sponsored management buy-in or buy-out transaction and not only become the CEO but also a co-owner of the business they are targeting.

Our proprietary deal process is designed to support you in both identifying and creating the right investment opportunity and in providing you with a broad reach into the private equity community, thus overcoming the many roadblocks you may otherwise run into when approaching private equity firms on your own.

Partnering with the right private equity firm is equally important to you as it is to your financial sponsor to have the right executive drive performance in their portfolio companies. Creating the perfect match of investment opportunity, operating expertise (you) and capital is what we set out to do.

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