More than ever, private equity firms need experienced operating executives and exceptional leaders to drive performance in their portfolio companies. While recognizing that need, many private equity firms still find themselves in a situation where they don't have ready access to the right executive(s) at a critical time of their investment cycle: prior to making an investment. As a result, they may not pursue an investment opportunity because they don't understand the industry well enough, don't have a strategic vision for the target, or don't know who can run the company post-acquisition.

We at Quadrivium understand both the symbiotic relationship between value creation and a strong management team and the benefits for a private equity firm of being able to partner with the right executive early on in the investment assessment process. The multitude of value-added services to our private equity clients are geared towards bringing you both proprietary deals and the right senior executive, so you can jointly pursue the right investment opportunity at the right time.

Quadrivium's network of accomplished industry executives provides more than just knowledge. Our CEOs will strengthen your deal team by adding deep market expertise early on and throughout the due diligence and research process. Having a vested interest (via co-investment), assisting in strategy formulation, and being able to "hit-the-ground-running" post acquisition, they will not only mitigate your investment risk but also substantially reduce the time lost between acquisition and the time when strategic and operational plans are implemented and value creation commences.

Giving you a competitive advantage is what we set out to do. Partnering with Quadrivium Advisors may be the difference between deploying capital and staying on the sideline.

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